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How to Backside 5-0 on a Skateboard!

Our head skateboard instructor Coyote Rob breaks down the back five-o in today's trick tip tutorial!

Things to know about this trick

The technique for foot placement feels very different for the frontside and backside versions of this trick. I was able to grind backside 5-0’s well for years but couldn’t get the frontside 5-0. I tightened my trucks and this helped me grind the frontsides better.

Like the 50-50:

  • Roll toward the curb at less than a 30° angle with some decent speed.

  • When you get within 4”[100mm] start to ollie.

  • Ollie up onto the curb aiming your back truck at the corner. Aim that truck to land with the hanger on the corner. You want the truck to lock in with the wheel pushed right up to the curb.

  • You will likely start grinding along right away. Get your weight centered over the back truck of the board.

  • Try not to let the board fly out ahead of you.

  • Drag your tail if you need to. Holding it up will come with time.

  • Grind! Crouch those legs to adjust your balance and feel the grind.

  • Grind until you stop or whatever.

  • Ride off the end popping like you would rolling off a drop. Or turn out with a pop and a slight kickturn.

Popping off can be tough because your tail is really low or dragging. Don’t let that stop you from adding a little pop out.

We hope you enjoyed today's video! We'd love to teach you how to skate, no matter what age or skill level you're at. It's honestly our favorite thing in the world. Whether you're a first timer looking to learn the basics or a more advanced skater looking to add more tricks to your arsenal, we've got you covered! We also absolutely love teaching kids to skate. We are a bunch of big kids ourself and know when to push, when to hold back, and how to make learning fun. This helps kids build their confidence with skateboarding and in other aspects of their life. So come get a skate lesson or bring out the kids for a half-day skate camp at the beach with us!


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