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How to Frontside Nosegrind on a Skateboard

Los Angeles skateboard coach Coyote Rob teaches us this skate trick in today's online skateboard lesson!

The Nose Grind is another basic grind that looks great down handrails or across ledges. The toughest part of learning the Nose Grind is figuring out how to balance yourself over your front trucks as you grind. Before trying the Nose Grind, it is important to be comfortable with the 50-50 grind and the nose manual.


  • Approach the target at a moderate speed, depending on the length of the target. The faster you go, the longer you will be able to grind for.

  • Since the Nose Grind relies on only the front trucks, it is important to find a smooth target. You will find it extremely difficult to Nose Grind a ledge or curb with many cracks and gaps.

  • Ride parallel to the object and prepare for the grind by setting your feet as you would for an Ollie. Give a good, clean pop to the tail and Ollie up.

  • As you come down on your Ollie, you want the nose pointed down towards the target, as you would for a nose manual. Hold this position by keeping your front leg straight and bending your back leg.

  • Put a moderate amount of pressure on your back foot to keep the board straight and prevent it from turning sideways.

  • You want enough weight on the nose so you are locked into the grind, but you don’t want the nose to drag and cause you to lose momentum. In other words, it is best if you grind solely on your front trucks, but having the nose touch a little is okay.

  • You want your weight on the front nose, but you don’t want to be leaning forward. This is where many skaters have trouble. Leaning forward will cause the board to shoot backwards and throw you forward. Instead, you want your body to be centered over your board, keeping extra pressure on the nose with your front foot.

  • To complete the grind, simply do a small Nollie and land back on the ground.


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