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For bigger kids (usually age 7+) and adults! We have three designs in three different sizes: 8, 8.25, and 8.5! Our boards are custom-shaped, twin tails which means the board is perfectly symmetrical! There is no defined nose and tail like most boards, so you can just throw it down and skate without affecting your performance!


Unlocking the Benefits of Twin Tail Skateboards

Skateboarding is more than just a sport; it's a lifestyle. As riders seek new ways to express themselves and push the boundaries of what's possible, equipment innovation plays a pivotal role. One such innovation that has gained popularity in recent years is the twin tail skateboard. This unique design offers several benefits that cater to riders of all skill levels, making it a compelling choice for anyone looking to enhance their skateboarding experience.

1. Enhanced Maneuverability

One of the standout features of twin tail skateboards is their enhanced maneuverability. Unlike traditional skateboards with a single tail, twin tail boards have two tails, one at each end. This dual-tail design allows riders to perform a variety of tricks with greater ease and precision. Whether you're executing a kickflip, a heelflip, or a 360 flip, the twin tail design gives you more control over the board, making it easier to land tricks and expand your trick repertoire.

2. Improved Stability

While twin tail skateboards are known for their maneuverability, they also offer improved stability compared to traditional skateboards. The dual-tail design provides a wider base, which translates to better balance and control, especially when riding at high speeds or on rough terrain. This added stability can boost confidence levels, allowing riders to tackle more challenging tricks and terrain with ease.

3. Versatility

Another key benefit of twin tail skateboards is their versatility. Whether you're a street skater, a park skater, or a vert skater, a twin tail board can adapt to your skating style. The twin tails allow for a wide range of tricks and maneuvers, making it a suitable choice for riders who like to mix things up and explore different facets of skateboarding.

4. Durability

Twin tail skateboards are often praised for their durability. The dual-tail design distributes the impact of tricks and landings more evenly across the board, reducing the risk of breakage or damage. This durability not only saves riders money in the long run but also ensures that they can skate with confidence, knowing that their board can withstand the rigors of intense skate sessions.

5. Aesthetics

Last but not least, twin tail skateboards are visually appealing. The dual-tail design gives them a unique look that sets them apart from traditional skateboards. Many riders appreciate the aesthetic appeal of twin tail boards, making them a popular choice among those who value both form and function.

In conclusion, twin tail skateboards offer a host of benefits that cater to riders of all skill levels and styles. From enhanced maneuverability and improved stability to versatility, durability, and aesthetics, twin tail boards are a compelling choice for anyone looking to take their skateboarding to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, consider adding a twin tail skateboard to your quiver and experience the difference for yourself.

Regular Completes

    • Board Width: 8" / 8.25" / 8.5"
    • Board Length: 33"
    • Trucks: 5.25" or 5.5" hollows by Foundry
    • Wheels: Premium polyurethane 52mm blanks
    • Bearings: ABEC-11
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