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two skateboard instructors with a group of kids at their skate camp in venice beach

   Skateboard lessons for kids, adults, beginners | Venice Beach | Santa Monica | Los Angeles   

Transforming Lives Through Action Sports!

We believe in the life-changing power of skateboarding! Action sports offer benefits that go beyond the board!

Build Confidence & Courage
Gaining new skills boosts confidence. This gives us the courage to face new challenges. Landing a new trick creates a sense of achievement. It reminds us what can be accomplished with effort and the right attitude!

Increase Discipline & Focus
Learning requires practice and dedication. Through goal-setting and hard work, discipline and focus improve. This transfers into school, work, or any other activity!

Develop Determination & Perseverance
Landing a new trick requires falling a lot and refusing to give up. This develops a strong sense of determination. Every failure is a lesson in perseverance. It's a chance to get up and try again until we succeed. These traits are essential to face the challenges of life.

Come Skate With Us!

As you can see, skateboarding can benefit all ages and skill levels. Because it's not just about finding balance on the board. It's about overcoming self-doubt, pushing your limits, and becoming your best!

Our Services

We teach total beginners or skaters looking to refine advanced tricks. Our instructors tailor the lesson to your needs. We break down complex maneuvers into small steps. This ensures a learning curve that builds competence and confidence.

Lessons for Kids
Introduce your kids to skateboarding in a safe and supportive space! We focus on basic techniques, balance, and coordination. Our programs are interactive and fun! Your child will develop fundamental skills while having a blast.

Lessons for Adults
It's never too late to learn how to skate! We offer lessons for adults who are ready to start their own skate journey. Total beginner? We will help you progress at your own pace. Looking to dust off your old skills? Our instructors will take you to the next level!

Group Lessons
Looking for a family bonding experience? Got friends to make memories with? Group lessons allow everyone to learn together. Share laughter, challenges, and triumphs as you support each other's progress!

a group of skateboarders learning to skate with their instructor in venice beach

Our Guarantee

a group of skateboarders learning to skate with their instructor in venice beach

We are so confident in our service that we offer a guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your lesson, you don't have to pay for it!

Unmatched Expertise
Our commitment to excellence starts with our staff. We have the best instructors with decades of experience. We're not just skilled riders. We're also excellent teachers. We understand all the details and how to explain them.

Personalized Progression
Our coaches take the time to assess your skill level, learning style, and goals. We create customized lesson plans so you can progress at your own pace. Our guarantee isn't just about the money. It's about the value you receive. Our personalized attention and guidance sets you up for success.

Unbeatable Experience
Learning to skateboard should be fun and rewarding, not frustrating. The supportive learning environment we create allows you to thrive. Join Coyote Skateboard Lessons, and let's roll toward success together! Your satisfaction is our priority.

Over 400 Five-Star Reviews
From Our Happy Clients!

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Our Happy Skaters!

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