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How to Backside 180 Nose Grind on a Skateboard

Los Angeles' favorite skateboarding coach breaks down this trick in today's video!

Thanks for watching! We hope that you're learning and getting value out of these skateboard trick tip tutorials. We are loving teaching you guys and adding value in any way we can! If you're a total beginner skater, surfskater, or longboarder, come get a lesson in person with us!

In a Nosegrind, the skateboard's front truck grinds a rail or edge, while the back truck is suspended over the rail/edge. It is similar to the nose manual, except performed on a rail, coping, or ledge. Rodney Mullen is one of the few people who can balance a legitimate nosegrind down a lengthy handrail. This move originated on vert, initially in the form of Niel Blender's New Deal (nose pivot to disaster), then by his more advanced progression of said move, the "Newer Deal", which left out the disaster part and just pivoted all the way back in.

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