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How to Backside Flip on a Skateboard!

Head skate instructor Coyote Rob shows you how to do it in today's trick tip video!

The Backside Flip is something every skater should have in his bag of tricks. Watch any skater’s part in any skate video and you will see some Backside Flips. It is one of the most stylish tricks out there and looks awesome down stairs and gaps.

Requirements for Learning the Backside Flip You need to get your Varial Flips and backside 180s down before attempting Backside Flips. When you are able to 180 Ollie over about 2 skateboards, you are definitely ready to learn Backside Flips.

Foot Positioning Foot positioning is vital in pulling off a clean Backside Flip. Your front foot should be set up like a Kickflip- set up your front foot a couple inches behind the front bolts and angle it 45 degrees, with the heel just hanging off the board.

Your back foot should be set up just like a Kickflip. You want the ball of your back foot on the center of the tail. This is crucial!


  • Give the board a good amount of pop, as you would for an 180 Ollie.

  • Start turning your body in the backside direction as soon as you pop.

  • You don’t need much scoop for this trick since it’s mainly the front foot that guides the board, but you still want to get a good amount to get the full 180.


  • When you have turned about 30-40 degrees, you want to start the flick.

  • Like the Varial Flip, you are going to slide your foot diagonally (front-south) off the board to start it flipping.

  • Because the board is rotating backside, away from you, you do not need a powerful flick to get the board spinning. But you do want to push your front foot a little north, to help the board rotate.

  • Remember, you are doing this while your body is rotating backside, so it’s important to remain in control and over your board.

  • The timing of the flick is tough and varies from person to person. Experiment with this step until you find a comfortable time to flick

Landing The Backside Flip is caught at about 160-170 degrees, unlike the Frontside Flip, which is caught at 90 degrees and brought around.

Because of this extended rotation, the catching the board will be extremely scary at first. Commit to this trick and jump with your board.

As soon as you catch the board, square your shoulders to keep your balance. You need to remain centered and balanced when landing, otherwise the board will shoot out from under you and you’ll be served some lovely concrete for dinner.

Want more? Book a skateboard lesson with Rob! He offers skate classes in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, and most of greater Los Angeles!


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