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How to Backside Tail Slide on a Skateboard!

LA's favorite skate coach Coyote Rob breaks down the back tail in today's trick tip video!

How to Do a Backside Tailslide

A backside tailslide is a trick that requires momentum and proper balance. To successfully pull off your own backside tailslide, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. 1. Keep your skateboard parallel. Skate parallel to the obstacle you want to jump onto, keeping it on your backside.

  2. 2. Pop and rotate. As you pop your ollie, rotate your shoulders, turning backside 90 degrees so the tail of your board lands on the side of the ledge or railing and slides.

  3. 3. Control your rotation. Once on the obstacle, stop your shoulder rotation and point your head in the direction you’re heading. If you fail to stop your board, you might land on its side or bottom, risking injury.

  4. 4. Land it. Spot the landing and ride away.

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