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How to Bigflip on a Skateboard!

Coyote Rob gives you all the skate hacks in today's trick tip tutorial!

We’ll be breaking down what we learned from the video. This step by step breakdown of the Backside Bigspin Kickflip will help clear up any issues you may be encountering with this trick. There are 5 important aspects of the Big Flip that you’ll need to know before you land your first one!

  1. Foot Position

  2. Back Foot Pop/Scoop

  3. Front Foot Flick/Follow Through

  4. Turning Your Shoulders/Practice Steps

  5. Landing Switch


The foot position for the Bigspin Kickflip very closely resembles the foot position you would use for a 360 Flip. After all, the board will be doing a 360 Flip. The only difference between the 360 Flip and the Big Flip is that your body will rotate 180-degrees in the same direction that the board is rotating.

To clarify, you’ll need your back foot to be placed on the tail of your skateboard. The ball of your back foot should be near the toe-side edge of the tail with your toes hanging slightly over the edge. You should be able to curl your toes over the toe-side edge of your tail from this position. Place your front foot in the middle of the board, slightly angled, just below the front bolts of your skateboard.


For the Backside Bigspin Kickflip, the pop you’ll need is in between a scoop and a pop. In the words of Chris Chann, think of it like a “diagonal chop”. Try to avoid scooping too much, and avoid popping straight down with your back foot.

Somewhere in the middle of those two movements is where you’ll find the appropriate pop/scoop for the Bigspin Kickflip. If you have your regular Backside Bigspins down, you’ll notice the back foot pop/scoop motion is nearly identical for these two tricks.

Now we know to set our feet up like a 360 Flip, and to pop/scoop the board as we would for a Backside Bigspin.


It’s time to turn this Bigspin into a Big Flip! The flicking motion required for the Backside Bigspin Kickflip is similar to the flicking motion for a Varial Kickflip.

The difference between the two flicking motions is that you’ll be turning your body as you flick for the Backside Bigspin. After you’ve popped the trick, when your body is turned about 90-degrees, this is when the front foot will flick off near the middle of the board on the heel-side.

Once you’ve flicked off the board, your front foot needs to follow through with the flick and guide the board around for the landing. The same direction that your front foot flicks is the direction you’ll be turning with the board. Following through with the kick/flick of the front foot will help you finish rotating your body in order to catch the trick and ride away switch.


Since this is a “180-trick”, turning your shoulders is very key. Winding up your shoulders before you do the trick, then releasing the pressure as you begin to pop the Big Flip will not only help the board complete the required rotation but will also help YOU turn 180-degrees with the board.

One of the most common problems skateboarders have when learning Big Flips is slipping out on the landing. This happens when your shoulders haven’t turned all the way around with the board. It causes you to land on the board with your body slightly twisted, which doesn’t feel good. A solid wind up with your shoulders before you pop, and keeping your back straight can help eliminate this issue.

Another common error with Big Flips is when the board fails to flip properly. You may be experiencing this issue if you find yourself landing in primo or with the board flipped upside down when attempting Bigspin Kickflips.

A great way to develop the muscle memory to properly form the Big Flip is to practice stepping off the board with your back foot and landing the trick with only your front foot.


For this practice step, roll slowly on flat ground and pop the Big Flip. As you pop the trick, turn your shoulders, then plant your back foot safely on the ground as you follow the board around with your front foot. Finish by landing the Backside Bigspin Kickflip with only that front foot. Don’t worry about getting your back foot on there!

This is a practice step and should be used only to develop your muscle memory and dial in the Backside Bigspin Flip motion. This step should simplify the act of popping, flicking, and turning your shoulders simultaneously. Once you’ve mastered this step, you’ll be ready to commit and get both your feet to land on the board. FULL SEND! FIRST TRY!


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