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How to Bigspin on a Skateboard!

Head skate coach Coyote Rob shows you step-by-step in today's trick tip tutorial!

Steps to the Backside Bigspin

  1. Tricks You Should Know

  2. Foot Position

  3. Practice Steps

  4. Pop, Scoop, Turn

  5. Landing

Tricks You Should Know

Before you learn Backside Bigspins, it’s extremely important to have your Pop Shove-Its and Backside 180s down. You should have these tricks consistent and clean, as they both play a huge role in the Backside Bigspin. It helps to know how to 360 Pop Shove-It as well, but it’s not completely necessary.

If you do know how to 360 Pop Shove-It, you’ll notice many similarities to the Backside Bigspin, especially in the practice steps. As long as you know Pop Shove-Its and Backside 180s though, you should be able to learn Backside Bigspins.

Foot Position

The foot position for a Backside Bigspin is another important factor when learning this trick. Not so much the front foot, but the back foot will be the main focus. Position your front foot slightly angled near the middle of the board, below the front bolts, Your back foot should be placed on tip of the tail with the toes barely hanging over the edge.

Although not quite like a 360 flip, you’ll want your back foot set up with your toes slightly hanging off the edge to be able to scoop hard and achieve the full 360-degree rotation required for the Backside Bigspin.

Practice Steps

The first practice step we teach you for this trick will help you get used to the proper motion needed for the Bigspin. However, once you have learned this practice step, we recommend you do learn the proper way to Bigspin and don’t get in the habit of only doing Backside Bigspins using the practice step method.

For this step, do a Pop Shove-It. When landing the Pop Shove-It, catch the front end or nose of your board with your front foot, then pivot the Backside 180 off your nose and roll away switch. Your shoulders should be turned backside around 90-degrees when you catch the Pop Shove-It, then you just bring your back foot around to continue the rotation, pivoting the Backside 180 off the nose.

This is a very good step for helping you understand the Bigspin motion before you start popping the whole trick in the air. The main takeaway from this practice step is to get used to moving your shoulders and turning your upper body with the Pop Shove-It as your body rotates 180-degrees.

The next step is to work on the back foot pop/scoop. For this step, stand off of your board with your front foot and practice scooping the tail using your back foot to achieve a 360 Shove-It motion. The secret to this trick is getting good at that 360 Shove-It scoop motion and turning your shoulders with the board. When you turn your shoulders with the board, your feet will follow.

Pop, Scoop, Turn

Now that you’ve figured out your foot position and have mastered the practice steps, it’s time to put in the work and commit to this trick! Set up, bend your knees and pop the board. Scoop the 360 Shove-It and turn your shoulders with the board. Your feet will follow suit, then once you’ve fully rotated in the air, catch the board with your front foot.

Like a Pop Shove-It or 360 Pop Shove-It, your front foot stays with the board the entire time. Again, having those basic tricks dialed in will give you an advantage when learning the Backside Bigspin. Remember, scoop that back foot hard and turn with the board.


Since you’ll be landing in the switch position, it’s important to be comfortable with riding switch! After all, to land this trick you will need to roll away switch. By this point, you should already be comfortable riding switch, but if you’re not practice this. Ride around in switch and do some backside 180s. You definitely don’t want to be playing around with this trick and not landing it because you don’t know how to ride in switch.

Landing the Backside Bigspin comes down to catching that Pop Shove-It in the air and bringing it around 180 degrees to land switch. If you aren’t catching the board at first, don’t stress. The catch will come as you get comfortable with the trick. Focus on fully rotating the board and not relying on the pivot.

Trust that your body will turn in the air and spot your landing! Bend your knees to brace the impact, roll away switch, and BOOM! You landed a Backside Bigspin FIRST TRY!


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