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How to Boardslide on Your Skateboard

LA's favorite skate coach breaks down the boardslide in today's trick tip video!

Find a smooth, obstacle-free riding surface with a flat rail. Ready? Go.

  1. Push the skateboard at moderate speed and adopt the ollie stance;

  2. Approach the rail on your backside almost parallel to it;

  3. Pop your ollie while turning your shoulders and upper body toward the rail;

  4. Get centered, find your balance, and don't move your feet;

  5. Let the board slide across the rail at a 90-degree angle;

  6. As the board reaches the end of the rail, rotate the skateboard in whichever direction you prefer to prepare for the landing;

  7. Slightly bend your knees and spread out your arms;

  8. Land in either a forward or switch direction and skate away;

Remember that if you lean too far back, you'll slip out. If you lean too far forward, you'll faceplant.

It's your body momentum that will allow you to get to the other side of the rail, so make the necessary adjustments while sliding along the bar.

The ollie's motion will also help you clear the flat bar and land the backside boardslide.


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