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How to Frontside 5-0 Grind | Online Skateboarding Lesson

Venice Beach skateboard instructor Coyote Rob shows us how in today's online skateboarding lesson!

What Is a Frontside 5-0 Grind?

A frontside 5-0 grind is a grind trick where the skateboarder uses an obstacle, like a skate ramp or the edge of a swimming pool, to grind between the skateboard’s back truck. The skater approaches the lip of the structure with the front side of the board, lifting up the nose, and letting the back trucks grind on it. This move requires good balance to pull off, as the skater will need to shift their weight appropriately in order to hold the frontside grind position.

How to Do a Frontside 5-0 Grind

A frontside 5-0 grind is a basic maneuver that any skater with a beginner’s knowledge of grind tricks can pull off. If you can comfortably perform an ollie and kickflip, you may want to try out a frontside 5-0 grind:

  1. 1. Approach at an angle. Approach the coping from a slight frontside angle, like you’re about to perform a frontside kickflip. Make sure you have enough speed so your rear truck will clear the lip and catch it, initiating a grind.

  2. 2. Lift up. As you near the lip with your skateboard, lift your front truck and aim for a spot on the coping to place your back truck. Once the nose of the board passes the lip, you will have to maneuver with your heel to get the back truck to land.

  3. 3. Lock in your back truck. As your back truck clears the lip, shift your weight over to your back foot, so the back truck locks in on the coping and begins to grind. The lip should be between the wheels of the back truck, with enough pressure on your back heel to balance the board.

  4. 4. Follow through. To complete your 5-0 grind, continue your frontside rotation, shifting your weight forward onto your front foot, bringing your front wheels down onto the wall to reenter the bowl.

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