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How to Frontside 50-50 Grind on a Skateboard

Southern California's favorite skateboarding instructor breaks it down in today's skate trick tip tutorial!

What Is a Frontside 50/50 Grind?

A frontside 50/50 grind is a skateboarding trick where the skateboarder pops their board onto an obstacle (like a handrail or bench), grinding forward on the middle part of the deck before landing their board on the ground again. The “50/50” part refers to how the board hangs half-on and half-off the chosen obstacle.

How to Perform a Frontside 50/50 Grind

Good balance is imperative to pulling off any basic grind trick. To learn how to land the frontside 50/50 grind, check out the steps below:

  1. Pop your board parallel to the obstacle. While skating parallel to the obstacle you want to jump onto, pop your ollie. Make sure you ollie high enough to clear the obstacle completely, so you can bring your front trucks and back trucks down upon it. When starting out, try with a lower obstacle, like a curb, then work your way up to benches and rails when you’re comfortable.

  2. Rotate frontside. Rotate slightly frontside so both of your trucks land on the edge of the obstacle in a grind position. Be sure to land on the heel-side of your trucks—if you land on your toe-side you will fall backwards off the obstacle.

  3. Grind. Grind in a forward motion and come off at the end of the obstacle, putting pressure on your tail to bring your nose up as your front truck clears the obstacle, so you won’t nosedive.

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