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How to Frontside Flip on a Skateboard

Head skate coach Coyote Rob breaks it down in today's trick tip tutorial!

For this trick your body and the board spin a frontside 180 while the board also completes a kickflip. First thing is to make sure your feet are in the kickflip stance. Your back foot's toe should be on the tailand your front foot should be near the bolts at about a 45 degree angle.

Next, wind up your shoulders to help with the spin. Then, snap an ollie and bring out your front leg for a kickflip while simultaneously spinning a frontside 180 with your shoulders. Once the board completes the kickflip, catch it, finish the 180 and land on the bolts and ride away!

Boom! Another trick in the books. Thanks for checking in! If you're looking to give skateboarding a try and want to learn in person, give us a shot! Our head skate instructor Coyote Rob offers skateboarding lessons for beginners and advanced skaters. He also teaches kids and adults. So if you're in greater Los Angeles, come learn to skateboard with us!

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