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How to Frontside Noseblunt | Online Skateboard Lessons

Beverly Hills skateboarding instructor Coyote Rob teaches us this skate trick!

This trick is the same as the FS Nose Blunt, but without the grind and performed in the quarter.

How to do it

This trick is the same as the frontside nose blunt, but without the grind and performed in the quarter.

1. Ride right up to the coping. Back foot is on the tail, front foot is near the bolts, closer to the nose.

2. Snap a frontide 180 and simultaneously place the front truck and nose onto the coping.

3. Snap a nollie, as when performing a switch blunt stall, and return into the quarter.

We hope you've been having as much fun trying these tricks as we have teaching you how to do them. This is our life. This is our passion. This is our purpose. We want to share the joys of skateboarding with everyone on earth. Come learn to skate with us. We guarantee you're going to have an incredible experience or your lesson is totally free.

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