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How to Frontside Shove It Like a Legend

Head skate coach Coyote Rob teaches the basics in today's trick tip tutorial!

The frontside pop shove-it is a fundamental trick for all skateboarders. This trick is where your board turns 180 degrees but your body remains in the same position. The execution of the frontside pop shove-it is similar to that of a regular pop shove-it, the difference being that your board is rotating along the backside of your board.

So let's break it down step-by-step!

1. Your foot position is the same as it is for an ollie except your back foot is a bit more on the outside of the tail so you can push the board forward while popping.

2. As you are popping the board and pushing it forward with your rear foot, slightly move your front foot up and behind your body.

3. While the board is rotating, lift both of your legs up to let the board spin 180 degrees.

4. Once your board has rotated 180 degrees, catch it with both feet over the bolts of your trucks.

5. Land with your feet above the bolts, stomp it, and roll away like a boss.

The most important thing for you to do on this trick is to discover the right timing and the right amount of power so that the board does a perfect 180 degree turn; Otherwise, you will under rotate or over rotate.

We hope this helps! Thanks for checking in! Much love from us here at Dogtown Skateboard Camp. Come get a skate lesson in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, or have us come to you in Malibu, Manhattan Beach, or the greater Los Angeles area!


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