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How to Half Cab Crooked Grind on a Skateboard

LA's favorite skate coach breaks this trick down in today's video!

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This trick is a fakie backside 180, but the name is derived from the half cab (half a full cab), i.e. backside caballerial. Snap from a fakie, you and your board do a 180, face forward.

1. Legs in fakie ollie stance.

2. Bring your shoulders back, it will help with the rotation, snap and begin to spin.

3. The board follows you all the way. When the rotation ends — land.

  1. 1. Ride fast and wind up. Ride backward up the ramp. Be sure you are going up straight, so your rear wheels will hit the coping at the exact same time. As you ride backward up the transition, wind up your shoulders to give yourself rotational momentum.

  2. 2. Bonk and launch. Hit the coping simultaneously with your back wheels, launching you up off the ramp into a fakie ollie. If you’re going fast enough and bonk your wheels hard enough, it will give you enough separation from the wall to complete a 360-degree rotation.

  3. 3. Rotate 360 degrees. As your wheels hit the coping, launching you, let your body unwind, sending you into a backside 360.

  4. 4. Balance your landing. As you complete your 360, put your wheels down on the wall to land, now rolling forward.


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