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How to Kickflip for Beginners.

Our skate coach Coyote Rob breaks down the kickflip!

In today's skate trick tip tutorial, our coach Coyote Rob will show you how to learn kick flips if you are a beginner. He is also going to show you how to do them with style. We hope that this video helps you with your kickflip game! Shout out to all the new skaters out there learning some new tricks! We are stoked to help you improve your skating! Much love from us here at Dogtown Skateboard Lessons!

If you want to learn to skate with Rob, head to our bookings page and lock him in for your lesson! Rob is our head instructor and offers mobile skate classes. He is teaching all along the coast of the PCH and inland as well. From Topanga to Thousand Oaks, Pasadena to Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes to Culver City, and everywhere in between, Coyote Rob will be on the prowl to take your skateboarding skills to the next level. Or you can come to us in the heart of Venice or Santa Monica and learn to skate where it all began!

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