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How to Kickflip Frontside Crooked Grind

In today's video tutorial, our skate coach Coyote Rob breaks it down!

The frontside crooked grind is without a doubt one of the more difficult grind tricks on a skateboard. Similar to the backside crooked grind, you land on the front truck with the board at an angle off to the side of the ledge.

Although, the movement is similar to the backside crooked grind, the frontside version of this grind is a bit more difficult. It’s quite helpful to have frontside noseslides and backside 180s on lock before attempting this trick. Here is a quick breakdown of the trick: First, be sure to approach the ledge nearly parallel with your footing in the position for a regular ollie. Make sure your front foot is slightly closer to the bolts of your front truck and then ollie towards the ledge. Aim with your front truck onto the ledge and lock in the grind around a 45 degree angle. Next, shift all of your weight onto your front truck so you can balance properly during the trick. You absolutely have to lock in with the right side of the truck and your wheel on top of the ledge. Once you reach the end of the ledge, you finish the grind by pushing the board out with the front truck that is on top of the ledge. Coming out of the grind is quite often the most difficult part, so you can also attempt to come out with a 180 and ride away fakie.

Thanks for tuning in to today's skateboarding trick tip of the day! Much love from us here at Dogtown Skate School. Special shout out to the skaters at the Venice Beach skatepark, Santa Monica Pier, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, and all the rippers here in Los Angeles!

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