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How to Nollie Backside Bigspin

Coyote Rob breaks down another skate trick in today's video tutorial!

The nollie backside bigspin is simply a nollie backside 360 pop shove-it combined with a nollie backside body varial done in the same direction. Your first step is to get your feet in a nollie backside 360 pop shove‑it stance. Your back foot should be near the bolts and closer to the center while your heel is hangs off the board. The toe of your front foot should be next to the heel edge. When you snap the nollie, spin the board to a nollie backside 360 pop shove‑it, and use your shoulders to spin 180 degrees backside. Remember, the board is spinning faster than your body, so when your body and board complete their rotations be sure to lock it in and land riding away switch.

There ya have it! The nollie backside bigspin! Thanks for watching and reading. Shout out to all the rippers out there trying to take their skating to the next level! If you're looking for skateboard lessons, we've got you. Dogtown Skate School is the top-ranked school in Los Angeles and we service lessons in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, and Malibu! Our skate classes are for kids and adults, beginners and advanced skaters. Our skate instructors love what they do and can't wait to share that stoke with you! See you soon! Much love.


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