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How to Nose Slide on a Skateboard

Los Angeles' favorite skateboard coach Coyote Rob breaks this trick down in today's video tutorial!

Position your feet properly. Your feet should start in ollie position; back foot near the tail end of your board and front foot around the front wheels. As you noseslide, your feet will move forward about 2 inches as you shift your weight from the back of the board to the front. Imagine jumping and landing with your front foot on the edge of the object you are grinding.

Skate towards a low curb or rail (about 4 inches off the ground). You should use a medium amount of speed as you approach the curb or rail. Your skateboard should be parallel to the curb or rail. Once you're next to the rail/curb, make sure your board is roughly 5 inches away from it, and then do an ollie into your noseslide.

Do an ollie to lift the front of the board just enough to get onto the curb. As you ollie, slide your feet toward the front of your board to shift your weight from back foot to front foot. All of your weight should be on your front foot, which should now be on the nose of your board. You should have no weight on your back foot and your back foot should be placed on the back screws of your skateboard.

  • Now you must swing your skateboard so that it rides perpendicular on the curb or rail (like a T shape). To do this, rotate 90-degrees once the nose of your board is off the ground. Then land the nose of your board along the rail or curb and start to slide slide.

Slide the nose of your board along the curb or rail. You should use your momentum to slide until you either reach the end of the rail/curb or run out of speed. Your board will not stay on the rail/curb if you put any weight on your back foot, so be sure to keep all of your weight on your front foot. Start this trick by practicing short distances to get familiar with balancing your skateboard during a noseslide.

Dismount the rail/curb with a kickturn. You'll do this by shifting your weight back to the tail end of the board and swinging the nose of your board 90-degrees so that it's once again perpendicular to the curb or rail. Then you'll bring your wheels back down.

  • To shift the weight back to the tail end of your board, move your front foot back about 2 inches and shift some of your body weight to your back foot.


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