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How to Switch Varial Heelflip on a Skateboard.

Our skate coach Coyote Rob breaks it down in today's trick tip tutorial.

Hi, everybody. Today I'm going to teach you how to do a switch varial heel flip. I love this trick. Probably my go to trick for stairs when I do them down stairs. I just like how it feels. It's really sick. It's a really fun trick. This is more of an advanced trick, so I'm going to just get right into all the things that you need to watch out for and all the things you need to do. But before you try this trick, make sure you can switch heel flip and switch front shove it on lock.

Don't try to switch varial heelflip unless you've got those. So when you're doing a switch varial heelflip, you want to have your flick foot really far off the board. This is where I see people go wrong, because a lot of people, when they do regular varial heelflips, they've got their foot like this. A nice, healthy, meaty heel foot position. But with switch varial heels, I don't know why you need to put your foot like this. Literally, like the arch of your foot in the middle and put it in the middle.

Now, a lot of people are going to be like, oh, that's dumb. But this is just how I do them. And I've been doing this trick forever, and it just helps. So I put the foot right here, and then I put this foot right here. Now, this is very important, all right? Because some of you guys might be the switch big spin switch big heel guys. And you're used to putting your foot in the pocket right here so you can get that nice little, like, pop and scoop. But switch varial heel is totally different. You do not want to do this.

If you do this, you're in the pocket and you do this down stairs, it's going to pop straight up, all crazy, kind of over rotate. It's just going to be hard to put down. When you're throwing this down stairs, you kind of want to let it just go in front of you. So it flips nice and slow and controlled. So to do that, you want to put it right here. Kind of like a nollie heel flip. That's where your foot wants to be.

Now, when you're forming the trick, you want to pop down and a little bit out, like that direction. Once again, not like a switch big spin where it's just a straight down scoop. You want to do a down and out scoop and then with your foot hanging off the corner you want to wait for the flick out so you want the board to be about a 35 degree angle. And then you just do a lazy switch heel flip and that allows the board to flip around. And if you're doing it down stairs, it's right in front of you and you can just look at it and you have so much control then you just stomp the heck out of it.

Those are my tips on switch varial heelflips. The biggest problem is that people try to do them kind of like a switch big spin, like a regular varial heelflip where you're going to put your foot like this. This is how you do like regular varial heels. Switch big spins, switch back heels. Maybe even switch front heels. It's more of a pop than a scoop and then what you do is you pop it out here and you just wait for that flick and then it's a nice little lazy kick out and that's how it goes in front of you and you can just bang it. Oh, another tip. Kind of be in the back seat a little bit. Yeah. Don't stand straight up when you pop. Kind of lean back a little bit so it's all out in front of you that you can just scoop it down stairs so they're like squatting midair. Thanks for reading. Best of luck with this trick.


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