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How to Varial Flip on a Skateboard!

Head skate instructor Coyote Rob gives us the break down in today's video!

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Get some momentum going. While you will need speed for this trick, too much speed will result in a bad landing. On the other hand, lack of speed will make the trick almost impossible to do (the board will either go too far away or will not spin enough). If you're really new to this trick, though, you can try it from a stationary position if you want to get all the steps down.

Position your feet correctly. Place your back foot on the topside of the tail, just as you would during a pop shove it. Your front foot should be placed on the heelside of the board, near the front bolts. If you're new to this trick and want to be a bit more steady, you can move your front foot a bit closer to your back foot. Before you attempt the varial kickflip, make sure you're comfortable enough on the board to do a pop shove it and a kickflip. This is not a trick for absolute beginners.

  • To get a faster spin, you can move your front foot a bit farther back.

Crouch down. Bend your knees and move your hands down near them to help you get a lower center of gravity going. Keep your shoulders in line with the board so you don't lose control of it. Remember that you'll need to generate enough height to be up in the air long enough for your board to flip over completely, so it's important to get some spring in your knees to help you get up high.

  • Just make sure not to bend your knees too much, or you won't have enough height to get above the board.

Pop the board up with your back foot. Just as you would do for a shove it, use your back foot to pop the board straight down, shoving a little so the board rotates as it would in a shove it, getting direction from the topside of the tail. Don't pop the tail as you would for an ollie, or the board will go in a different direction.

Tap the heelside of the board with your front foot. This is what you'll need to do to make the board flip. Remember that you'll have to do this very quickly, almost as soon as you pop up the board with your back foot. You can think of this as doing a slight and swift kick it without applying too much force to the board. Just try to flick the board with your front foot the exact same way you would do it in a kickflip.

Maintain height above the board. You have to jump up as high as you can to give your board enough time to flip over. Lift up your arms along with the rest of your body to help you stay up above the board long enough for it to finish flipping over. When you're in the air, make sure to follow the board.

  • Keep an eye on your ankles. The board can spin and hit you in the ankles if you're not up high enough.

Catch the board. Wait until the board has flipped over and is at the top of its height before you try to catch it with your feet. Keep your front foot out to catch the board just as you would in a pop shove it, placing it down on the board when it's done spinning. Land both of your feet on the trucks, with your back foot near the tail of the board and your front foot near the front. Bend your knees as you do this to help you get your balance and to absorb some of the shock from the board. Catch the board just as you would catch it after a shove it.

  • Try to land evenly on both feet. If you come down too hard on the tail, the board could flip up.

Ride away. Keep your balance on your board, your shoulders over the board, and your arms at your sides as you roll away clean.


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