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2-Person Skate Lesson - $65/person

Your Best Experience Starts Here!

A 2-person skateboard lesson is for friends, couples, or kids! Step into the world of skateboarding with our captivating group lessons! An experience full of learning, friendship, and fun! Get ready to be guided by experienced instructors who love teaching. During the session, you'll work on the fundamentals of skateboarding. From mastering your balance and stance to executing basic tricks. Our small group setting ensures personalized attention. This allows you to progress at your own pace and bond with your friends or family! We create a safe and supportive environment. We want you to ask questions, make mistakes, and celebrate successes! Our lessons cater to all skill levels! Beginners taking their first push. Or experienced skaters looking to improve their technique. Looking for a unique bonding experience? Our group skateboard lessons promise empowerment, growth, and lots of excitement. Gear up for an adventure that will leave you with new skills and memories! - PRICING PER HOUR - 2 people: $65/each *IF YOU WANT TO SKATE MORE THAN ONE HOUR, WE CAN! JUST MENTION IN THE BOOKING HOW MANY HOURS YOU WOULD LIKE!* ***THIS IS NOT AN OPTION TO BE ADDED TO A GROUP. YOU ARE BOOKING FOR YOUR GROUP*** ***Lessons take place at Venice skatepark or in Santa Monica***

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