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How to 360 Flip on a Skateboard!

In today's trick tip video, Coyote Rob breaks down the 360 flip!

So there you have it! The 360 flip! An absolute must-have trick in every intermediate skateboarders bag. We hope this video will help you get this maneuver on lock!

If you're looking to learn from a street-skating savage, Coyote Rob is your guy! Book him here! Rob is our lead coach and works with all ages and abilities. He coaches kids and adults who are either complete beginners or quite advanced skateboarders. Rob is incredibly busy these days, so try and catch him while you can! He is skating around LA like a madman! From lessons in Calabasas to Long Beach, West Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades to Mar Vista, and every nook and cranny in between. Rob is the man with the plan, aiming to teach everyone in LA to rip on a skateboard!

Thanks for watching & reading! Much love from us here at Dogtown Skate School & Camp. We hope to see you somewhere in Los Angeles soon!


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