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How to Heelflip on a Skateboard

Head skate coach Coyote Rob breaks down another trick in today's video tutorial!

In today's video, Rob shows you how to do a proper heelflip! Let's break it down step-by-step. Your back foot should be placed similarly to an ollie position while your front foot should be placed near the bolts of your front truck or even slightly behind them. Your toes should also be hanging off the edge of the board.

Once your footing is sorted, pop your tail and slide your front foot up the board towards the nose of the deck. Be sure to kick your front foot out so that your heel catches on the edge of the nose of your board. This will make the skateboard flip with the kick of your heel. Once the heel of your front foot has left the nose of the deck, the board will begin to rotate.

Timing is everything, so be patient and wait for the correct front foot positioning so you can get the perfect flip of the board. And pay attention to how hard you need to kick the board as well to complete the rotation in time. Once the board has completed its rotation, catch it with your feet on the bolts of your trucks, land smooth, and ride away nice and clean.

Congrats! Another sick trick stomped! Want to learn in person? Book a skate class with our instructor Coyote Rob! He teaches all ages and abilities in the greater Los Angeles area!


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